OJ Simpson Leads By Example Pledges Record Donation of Face Coverings and Gloves

LAS VEGAS — The second surge of COVID-19 cases appears to now be in full-swing in the US, a reality the state of Nevada is just beginning to grapple with. The state reported 381 new COVID-19 cases in the past day, and had its five highest days of  COVID-19 cases in the past two weeks. This Wednesday, Governor Steve Sisolak issued an emergency directive requiring masks to be worn in public statewide.  

With the state seeing record high cases, a call for additional protective wear has gone out to the public.  In order to keep those in the community who are most vulnerable protected, local officials are seeking donations of masks and gloves that can be distributed to those in need. One notable Las Vegas Resident is leading the charge to collect these life-saving supplies.

Former Heisman Trophy winner, actor, and Hertz spokesman, O.J. Simpson has personally pledged to donate 500 hundred face coverings and 500 pairs of gloves to Las Vegas residents.  When completed this would be the largest individual donation of medical supplies in the state’s history.  He has now started a social media campaign calling on his neighbors to challenge them to match his donation.

“They used to say The Juice was loose,” Simpson said on a video he tweeted out this Friday, “but now it’s COVID-19 that’s loose and we need to tackle this thing together.”

“It’s truly remarkable what he’s doing for this community,” Councilman Charlie McGuire reflected.  “He hasn’t been in Las Vegas for long, but it is great to see how many inroads he’s making in the community.” 

Simpson began this fundraiser after hearing a plea from the governor for additional provisions. “When I heard Governor Sisolak was looking for supplies, I thought to myself, ’Heck I got a bunch of that stuff here. Maybe I should get it all out of my house! Maybe there’s a better place for this stuff to be,’” Simpson continued in his Thursday message.

Simpson says the vast majority of the donations will come from his personal wardrobe.  Although a long time resident of Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Lovelock Correctional Facility NV, and now Las Vegas NV; Simpson said he acquired such a large collection of gloves from his time as an avid skier. 

“Before my knees really went on me, I loved to hit the slopes,” Simpson said. “And you guys know me, you know I always gotta be looking my best — that’s what makes The Juice The Juice! So I was always buying the newest gloves and ski masks that I could get my hands on.  Some people may say that owning that many gloves and masks is overkill, but that’s just how The Juice Rolls!” 

Simpson’s plan is to collect all the donations from his fellow Nevadans before handing them over to the state’s Health Department for distribution.  “I just want to see all those supplies in one place at one time.  Could you imagine that?” Simpson continued. “All of those gloves and masks, coming in from all over the place — no one knows what used to belong to who! Then we’ll send them out to every corner of the state.  Who knows where these gloves will end up?!” 

Simpson has also gone to the personal expense to have all of these safety supplies professionally cleaned.  “Listen, I spent top dollar on this ‘cause safety is the most important thing. There will be no evidence that anyone ever owned any of these things when you get them.”

“With the nation in such uncertain times, many Nevadans should sleep better knowing they have a neighbor like Simpson.” Councilman McGuire stated. “We’re very lucky to have him.”


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