At 4:15am EST, the USA Men’s Curling Team Made History

I honestly don’t know what to say. Partly that’s because I’ve been slamming gin all night, but more so because I didn’t really believe this could happen. Our Curling Team just went from 2-4 to the gold medal in seemingly the blink of an eye.

The match was close the entire night, but the US completely turned things around with a 5 POINT eighth end that will go down in history as Shuster’s best shot of his career. It’s hard to describe what this means to the curling community, especially since I joined it ironically around eight years ago.

But in all honesty, I feel such an overwhelming sense of pride for what this team just accomplished. Team Shuster for life. Team USA for life. USA. Your 2018 Men’s Curling Olympic Champions.

Just. Wow.


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